Smart Homes: Huge Unseen Impacts On The Family.

If you aren’t careful it’s easy to notice all the frustrations technology can bring into your life. Especially when it comes to your family. If our kids aren’t glued to the television, they are glued to their cell phones, and if not their cell phones then their video/computer games. 

I think we have had a full week where the total amount of words spoken to each other would only fill a children’s book.  

Thanks to our vivint smart home package, we have been able to make our family life a lot better. Yes there was kicking and screaming along the way, but things are better now. 

The way our family life has now changed:

After our smart home package was installed we put in smart(wifi) outlets on all of our televisions. After 6:00 pm these outlets get shut off automatically. They then turn back on at 5:00 am. 

We installed an ethernet smart outlet (plugged in from the modem) to shut off our wifi at 8:00pm. This outlet then turns back on at 5:00am.

Initially these changes were a shock to all of our systems, now however, we are talking and acting like a family again. We play board games, do family planning, and understand each other in a better way. 

On top of us acting like a family the home security system is becoming the bad guy. Our kids know the curfew is at 10:00 pm, and they know the alarm will be set at that time. If they come home late they are setting off the alarm and are going to get into trouble for waking everyone up in the home. 

This also has eased our minds in knowing that our teenagers can’t sneak out at night. 

Do our kids hate the restrictions? 

Not really, because we have opened up other restrictions and follow ups. 

We have stopped calling our kids around 9:00 pm to tell them to get home. That is on them now, and they have to act like “adults” and deal with the remaining consequences.

We also opened up parties at our house even if we are not home. The kids know they are allowed to have one every weekend as long as they keep the house rules. With our 360 degree cameras we now know if they are following all the house rules and we get our date night back.

Additionally, we have gone on more camping trips and vacations as a family because we know the home is safe and secure.

Another added benefit is our home is now always comfortable when people are home because of the smart thermostat and scheduling that takes place based on our living patterns.

Temporarily while I am on this high from how my family’s life has improved, I reached out to vivint smart home and got them to waive installation and activation costs for any of my readers. If interested you can fill out the form below.

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