Was This The Cause Of My Insomnia? My Solution, My Story.

If you struggle sleeping then you know the reality of being “stressed-awake” this is where the harder you try to sleep the more stressed you become and the more awake you make yourself. 

Usually it goes like this: “I haven’t fallen asleep in 20 minutes? 

I only have 6 hours left. 

I’m going to be sooo tired tomorrow. 

Okay I’m really going to fall asleep now. 

*****, It’s been another 4 minutes and I haven’t fallen asleep. 

Okay, I need to stop watching the clock this is stressing me out.

*****, *****, It’s been another 10 minutes. I NEED to fall asleep, come on!”

If you’ve experienced this you know it can go on for hours until your mind is so exhausted you might get a couple of hours of sleep. 

I’ve been working hard on moving past this “stressed-awake” life-style. I’ve become a lot more successful this year than I have in past years. These are the things I’ve done to eliminate being “stressed-awake” every night.

I now meditate 15 – 30 minutes a day. This is vital as during this meditation I calm my mind, and ask myself the following questions: 

“What is keeping me awake?” 

Stress. Caffeine. Anxiety. Pressures of Tomorrow.  

“How do I eliminate each of these?”

Well with Caffeine I can cut it off at 1:00pm. 

Pressures of Tomorrow I can plan for tomorrow’s tasks today, and prioritize which tasks to accomplish. 

Stress and Anxiety. This list has been an ongoing ordeal and is a lot more nuanced than one would expect.  As I started breaking down my anxieties I also started narrowing down the things that have been impacting my life the most.

The top 3 anxieties I was able to eliminate are: 

  1. Is someone going to break into my home while I’m sleeping?
  2. Will I wake up on time for my job?
  3. Do I have enough money to pay my bills this month?

I’m glad to say I was able to eliminate each of these pretty easily. Here’s how to do it. 

  1. Home Security Package:
  • I signed up for the Vivint Smart Home Package that comes bundled with a Home Security Package. 
  • My sleep is more important to me than the $1.00 a day it costs to have a safe home where I know I’ll be okay. 

If interested you can fill out the form below and they’ll waive the installation and activation costs.

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       2. With the smart home package: 

  • I was able to get a smart(wifi) light switch installed in my room and have my lights turn on when I need to wake up. 
  • I also got a smart(wifi) outlet to turn off at the same time which turns off my sound machine. 
  • I then schedule my phone alarm to go off at the same time. 

For some of you this may sound excessive, but it’s what I need. Especially if I only fell asleep 2 hours before. 

        3. I always keep a month buffer. What I do:

  • It took some time but I now maintain a minimum of $3,800(my monthly expenses) in my checking account.
  • I called in to my mortgage and worked out with them where my payment can be paid on the 18th of every month without being considered “Late”. The rest of my monthly bills I pay on the 3rd.
  • Then on the 1st and the 15th of the month I get paid.
  • So my checking account looks like this: $3,800 (Beginning of month), 1st of the month hits and $1,900 gets put into my checking account Then on the 3rd of the month I pay roughly $1880 in bills. Which drops my checking account back down to $3,820. On the 15th of the month it goes back up $1,900 and on the 18th of the month it drops down another $1,920 a month. 
  • I’m now always maintaining my monthly expenses as a buffer at $3,800.

I know this seems stupid, to put this much effort into eliminating an anxiety I have about paying my monthly bills, however, ever since doing this my life has become so much easier and care free. It really is phenomenal.

Between eliminating these three anxieties, I can say I have been able to sleep more soundly than ever before. I’m not losing as much sleep from these 3 plagues of life. I can now know without a doubt my home is protected, I will not lose my job from sleeping through my alarm, and I will always have enough money in my account to pay my bills.

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