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Keep Your Work Space Clean And Organized With These 3 Easy Steps

Home improvement projects can be messy and unorganized. And, for brief periods of time, that’s just that way it’s going to be. 

However, it doesn’t have to be (and should not be) a constant state of being. 

A messy or cluttered workspace can cause injuries, and it’s easier to lose tools and working materials. 

Here are some tips to keep your workspace clean and in working order.

1.Keep Trash Picked Up

Packaging, wrapping, debris, etc. Keep it cleaned up as you go. If it’s easier, have a couple garbage cans close by.

Trash is messy, presents a tripping hazard, and can cover tools and material you need as you work. 

Make sure your work space is clean every night so you can start fresh in the morning. 

2.Keep Materials Organized

Wood, brick, cement, vinyl, etc., should all be kept in organized piles. Keep them nice, easy to use, and picked up so they’re not an accident waiting to happen.

If you have liquids, make sure they’re capped and covered so they don’t dry out.

Clean up drips immediately and clean the sides of your containers (like paint cans) so liquids don’t drip and run off on things you don’t want them to. 

3.Wipe, Dust, Sweep

Keeping your walls free of smudges, your floor swept, and surroundings dusted as you go reduces the amount of clean up you’ll have to do at the end of your project.

It also assures surfaces you’re working on/with will be clean, and that your work will look as good as it can. 

Keep up on these few things and your project is going to go smoother, you’ll feel less stressed out, and you won’t have as much work to do at the end of your project. Win, win, win.


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