Who Do I Trust To Keep My Family Safe?

I don’t know if it’s because we just moved into a new neighborhood, but we feel like the world has become way more dangerous than it used to be. Our new neighborhood just doesn’t feel as safe as our old one did. 

Call me paranoid, irrational, or even insecure. I don’t care. When I leave my new home, I don’t want to have the fear of “did I lock my door?… but did I or am I imagining it?”, “will someone be in my house when I go back inside?”, “will my house be broken into and all my valuables will be taken?”, or “will my kids be safe when I’m gone?

Because of these ‘irrational’ fears I have been doing research to see what are my chances of experiencing a property crime? 

Warning!!! You will not be able to unsee these numbers or forget about them. If you do not have a home security system and are happy in your ignorance, please do not read any further. 

Here’s my findings

The Good – 

  • In the year 2007 – 1 in 31 people experienced a property crime.
  • In the year 2017 – 1 in 42 people experienced a property crime.
  • Property Crime rates have dropped by 26% in the last decade!

The Bad – 

  • Crime rates appear to have only decreased for those people who have installed home security systems.
  • In the year of 2017 – 1 in 30 people (without security) experienced a property crime.***
  • There is a property crime incident every 4.1 seconds. (That means at least 20 property crimes have happened while you were reading this.) 

Personally I hate these numbers. Now every time I walk by 30 people in the grocery store I can’t help but ask myself which of us 30 just experienced a property crime? 

Because of this we got the best home automation/security package we could find. I know my fears are irrational, what are the actual chance I am one of those 30 people? However, my peace of mind means too much for me to just turn a blind eye.

I was able to get Vivint Smart Home to waive the costs of the installation and activation fees for any of my followers who want that same peace of mind, as I do. If interested you can fill out the form below. 

***Research for the assumed bad data:

Based on Dina Abdelrazik, research analyst for Parks Associates 27 – 30% of homes are covered by home security systems. 

Regarding home security systems asgmag.com says  “The sign alone is a huge deterrent to would-be intruders, as per the observation of the FBI; 90% of burglars avoid a house entirely if they even suspect it’s got an alarm.”

If we look at only 70% of the population (those without a home security system) and add in an additional 3% for the “10%” of burglaries that happen with a security system. We then need to compare that 73% of the population to the property crime rates to see how many people without home security are effected. 1 in 30 people (without security) experience a property crime. 

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