Do This To Ditch Your Babysitter For $1.97 A Day

We recently moved and by accident discovered a secret to hundreds of dollars in savings every week for our family. Among the chaos of, packing, moving, unpacking and living life we weren’t sure how this new chapter of life was going to impact us. 

For one thing, we had new schools for all of our kids, a new neighborhood of unexplored friends, and unknown availability of babysitters. While in this new phase of life we were hauling our kids everywhere with us due to this lack of available babysitters. 

Then one day our 8 year old wanted to stay home and play minecraft instead of going grocery shopping. He begged “I’m old enough to be home alone, just go without me.” 

This has been an ongoing debate in our home for awhile now. “When will our kids be old enough to stay home by themselves?”

Honestly 8 years old seems way too young for me. Yet I remember being 6 or 7 and being left home alone all the time. 

As I was about to rebuttal with “You’re still too young, we still need a babysitter.” Our 8 year old said something that was like a slap to the face. “If you are so worried about me just watch me with your stupid cameras.”

“Wait…what?” I thought. 

It never occurred to me to turn our outside protection for our family around and protect our family on the inside of our home. Allowing us to leave without a babysitter.

In the past we have averaged needing a babysitter for 3 – 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. With the cheapest babysitter charging $12 an hour we are now saving $180 a week. 

That’s almost $10,000 a year! We can’t believe it. Because of this I am shouting out to all my readers. Get a home security system for your home! Who cares about being in a “safe” or “dangerous” neighborhood, the savings from not needing a babysitter is worth every penny.

Update: Vivint Smart Home is who we went with as we felt like they have the best smart home features available. We decided to just bundle the security package with it and are now happy we did. 

Thanks to us telling the world about our success, if you fill out the form below and decide to go with Vivint Smart Home they will waive all installation and activation costs for you. 

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