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5 Ways To Pressure Wash Your Home Into Something Better

I love pressure washers and everything pressure washing.

And yes, I did purchase myself one for Christmas in 2017. And I love using my little one so much.

Some homeowners will prefer to rent and get the job done on a weekend. But I wanted my own for the basic stuff. And I know how to operate it safely (very important, you’ll find).

And if I need a big job done or one that needs more professional equipment, I always call in a professional.

Pressure washers can run a bit pricey, so if you don’t plan on using your pressure washer beyond some spring cleaning, it might be a better idea to rent instead of buy.

If you do decide to purchase a pressure washer, then you’ll want to make sure the machine has good pressure, flow, a good brand, good reviews, and a great warranty.

Most pressure washers for home projects should have a pressure of 3,000 psi. So going cheap won’t really cut it for a lot of home projects. But much more than that and it’s really too much power for home projects.

So whether you buy, rent, or hire a pro, here are a few ways a pressure washer can make your home and equipment look cleaner and newer in mere hours.

Home And Fence

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The sides of your home need at least a yearly wash. And I like to have mine done after big storms as well.

Wood, aluminum,concrete, brick, and vinyl can all be cleaned with a pressure washer. (There are other materials as well but those tend to be the common home and fence materials).

So that means most homes as well as fences can benefit from a good pressure washer service.

Driveway, Garage Door, And Garage Floor

Our garage floor gets gross from all the work and crafts that we do in there. It’s kind of a project area. And of course the driveway gets those nasty oil drips on it.

Basically, just like our homes, our driveways and garages can take a beating. So get that pressure washer and clean all those stains away.

Outdoor Furniture, Decks, Stairs, And Patios

We all know how gross that outdoor upholstery and frames can get. A dirty swing can make the thought of sitting outside to enjoy a nice sunset pretty gross.

And those decks and patio? Yup, pretty dirty.

No need to mention, but, you won’t want to host any family or friends with your patio furniture looking like it barely made it out of a tornado alive.

This would be an excellent time to break out (or rent) that super power called a pressure washer. Your patio and furniture will be feeling squeaky clean and brand new.

A pressure washer can make your furniture and decks, both the structure and the upholstery, look much newer and cleaner. 

Outdoor Equipment

pressure wash outdoor equipment
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Grills, lawn mowers, weed whackers…basically all that equipment that gets used seasonally and collects a LOT of grime. Well, those are great candidates for a pressure washer service.

Obviously, before you go pressure washing your grill, make sure it is disconnected from any propane or electrical hookups. And use the right setting of pressure!

Cars, Trucks, ORV, And Boats

Pressure washers can be a great way to remove mud, dirt, etc from cars, trucks, and off-road vehicles.

Finished your yearly camping trips in the RV? Pressure wash.

Four-wheelers really muddy? Pressure wash them.

Boat got algae and build up? Pressure wash, pressure wash.

Just make sure you don’t use a high-power setting to wash them off because the clear coat or paint job could come off. No one wants that!


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