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5 Steps To Creating The Ultimate Outdoor Space

Outdoor spaces are quickly becoming the essential add-on to your home.

Need a get away? An office space? A place of refuge or a comfortable pad for hosting your friends? Whatever your need, your outdoor refuge has multiple functions and value.

And even if you’re not into any of these things (what?how?), I’m willing to bet you like at least a few of the ideas below.

What are your backyard paradise ideas? Take some of these steps as inspiration for your own creations!

Step 1: Make This Outdoor Space Your Own

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When you’re building a home with a spouse, there’s a lot of compromise that goes into it. And if you have kids, there’s that much more compromise.

So make this area your own.

It’s the sanctuary you can go to for reading and a glass of wine, or some peaceful gardening, or even hosting your friends over an outdoor bar.

Whatever your idea is of a good and/or peaceful time.

Part of this adventure is that you can take chances you maybe wouldn’t on your own home. So it’s a great place to try out creative ideas or use the ideas you wanted in your home but it didn’t work for one reason or another.

Start with a layout plan, a blueprint. Budget this baby out. Then get to work.

I recommend starting with the center or main part of your space. So, in this case that might be a she/he-shed, small barn, mil-suite, patio, etc. Then start building around that.

You can build walkways, patios, and covered areas around your center to maximize your space.

Adding plants, trees, and flowers with rustic touches can tie the whole thing together.

Step 2: Plan For The Future And Comfort

affordable outdoor space

Shade. I can’t emphasize this enough. You’re going to want all the luxurious trees and shade that you can get for those warm summer days.

Plus, it’s nice to have a little privacy among the trees and it’s super cozy.

So if you already have trees, you should build up your ultimate outdoor space under their shade. If you don’t, then include trees in your landscaping ideas.

And money. Plan ahead to maximize your ROI on any work you do.

Trees add a lot to your property value. And landscaping your home adds to your home’s curb appeal and value. You can recoup 200-400% ROI (return on investment) on an ideal landscaping job when you sell your home.

Planting flowers, vegetables, herbs, etc that will grow back yearly is another great way to reduce the workload while increasing your value.

Step 3: Prepare For Seasons,Weather, And Annual Maintenance

ultimate outdoor space furniture
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Use materials that will weather well. There’s a lot of metals and woods that will weather beautifully and add to a rustic look.

There are also weather-proof materials that will keep your area looking newer longer.

If you use outdoor furniture, make sure they’re covered with water-proof and weather-proof covers and that they can be easily moved into shelter if needed. Or simply use furniture that will endure elements and weather well.

Building a cover over outdoor furniture can also help keep your sanctuary nice.

If you live in a place that gets lots of snow in the winter, you’ll want to think about your outdoor space’s maintenance–including shoveling a path and keeping the roof free of heavy snow fall.

Just like a home, your little shed/construct will need yearly maintenance and repairs to keep it looking nice. Annual maintenance will also save money in the long run by staying ahead of any major damages.

Step 4: Reuse, Re-purpose, Recycle

outdoor space repurpose and recycle
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One of the best things about an outdoor space is that it looks good when it has some weathering.

And you can use weathered pots, crates, barrels, chairs, and other little decorations to make your outdoor space really stand out and uniquely yours.

If you have something in your home that isn’t working, you can re-purpose it to your outdoor space.

So, a bowl, ladle, pot, etc. can be used to plant flower in.

You can also build your patio, gazebo, or shed with re-purposed wood. Or you could use re-purposed bricks or stones for your walkways and patios.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Space And Add To It As You Go

beautiful gate outdoor space
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Your outdoor space can always be added to and changed. Plan out your gardening elements and have fun nurturing your sanctuary’s surroundings.

One of the best things about your outdoor space is the time you can peacefully attend to a garden. So have fun with it.

Visit vintage shops and flea markets for new outdoor elements to add to your outdoor space.

Enjoy your hard work with morning coffee, evening tea, or a bbq with friends. This sanctuary is going to add so much to your life and home.

Share your outdoor space pictures and ideas below!

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