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3 Ways To Upgrade Countertops Without Totally Remodeling

Are your countertops dated? Damaged? Or maybe just boring? You don’t have to totally remodel to give your space a face lift.

Here are a few ways you can upgrade your countertops without the remodeling price tag.

Faux Marbling Countertops

All you need is some paint, primer, brushes, some other paint supplies, and a reference picture for how you want your counters to look. 

Not sure where to start? I love this tutorial from Batchelors Way. The after product is so beautiful, and it’s easy to follow the tutorial.

So much more affordable than actual marble, and you can make it work with many different styles. 

Faux Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops go with a variety of styles with an emphasis on chic industrial. And you can do several different tones to match your room. 

These are beautiful to have in your home, but real concrete countertops are very heavy and expensive. So instead of totally remodeling a room to fit those heavy beauties in there, simply create a faux upgrade. 

Better Homes & Garden has my favorite tutorial on concrete countertops. Grab that Ardex finish and read on here!

Paint Countertops

It may seem overly simple, but simply sanding down and painting your countertops a new color can go a long way in updating your look. And it’s super affordable. 

You can even change it often as it’s not too hard to do at all. Simply pick colors that work in your room. Remember to spot test as paint will look different when it’s dried on another surface. 

HGTV has some excellent advice and a tutorial on painting your countertops. Check it out here


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