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14 Affordable Home Projects You Can Do Today

Looking for ways to improve your home without breaking the bank or creating a huge project?

These are several affordable home projects you could do in a day. You don’t necessarily always have to wait and budget to upgrade and improve.

Floating Shelves

floating shelves, affordable home projects, affordable home DIY

Simple, sleek, affordable. Floating shelves take hardly any time to install and they offer great utility.

You can free up floor space or counter space by installing these good-looking shelves. They’re great for storage but can also double as a display for decorations. 

Paint The Front Door

paint front door, front door project, DIY home project, DIY Ideas, Home Improvement DIY

Give your home’s entry a face lift with a fresh paint job.

The great thing about paint is that it doesn’t have to be permanent. And, with something this size, very inexpensive. You could do a creative color and switch back later if you’d prefer.

Hide Technology Wiring

hide desk cords, hide tv cords, hide wires and cords

If you’ve got some unsightly wires hanging around, there are several ways you can cover them up to improve your space. 

You can neatly Velcro power strips and cords behind the edges of desks to keep them off the floor and looking neat.

We especially love the idea of Velcro-ing a panel under your desk to the blocking you mount on the legs or sides of the desk. This allows you to easily remove the cover if you need to get to the outlet or powerstrip. 

You can also hide unwanted wires with a recessed outlet and an open-back wall plate to put wires behind your wall.

Again, very affordable and goes a long way in improving your home’s aesthetic.

Smart Lighting

smart lighting, color lighting

Get a few smart bulbs to sync with a smart phone app. The smart bulbs are more energy-efficient, and you can change up your lighting based on your mood. 

Fun, simple, and creative.

Light dimmers are also a nice improvement as you can select how bright you need the lighting according to the mood or time of day. 

Apply Moldings

crown molding, molding, home DIY projects, home improvement, affordable home improvement

If you want to give your room a stately look, moldings look great around doors, windows, and even to frame the upper part of your walls (where they meet the ceiling). 

They don’t have to be super expensive and you can do it in a day if you’re not doing your entire house differently. 

Stencil A Room

stencil wall, paint stencil, DIY home improvement
PC: royaldesignstudio

This is a project that is great for creative sorts. It’s open to so many possibilities. And a stencil, paint, and tools aren’t going to dent your wallet.

Clean/Replace Hardware

PC: Heirlooms at Home

Whether you have old, paint-caked, dated, or busted hardware, replacing or cleaning them is a great and affordable home project. 

You can replace home hardware with something new and modern. Or, if you have a different look in mind, replacing hardware with unique vintage pieces can really set your home apart. 

New House Numbers

house numbers, changing house numbers, unique style, DIY home improvement, affordable
PC: Austin Barnett Of Refined Inspirations

You may not think of this one often, but sometimes those house numbers can get weathered away. 

Replacing them with something more up-to-date or unique can be an affordable way to improve your home entryway.

Art Deco/Stained Glass Windows

stained glass window, art deco, home improvement, diy affordable home projects

Whether you find a stained glass window to replace your old one, or simply use chains to hang a piece in front of an existing window, this addition can be exquisite. 

And they’re more affordable than you think, especially if you thrift shop or browse ebay often for deals. 

Under Cabinet and Cabinet Lighting

cabinet lighting, under cabinet lighting, DIY

Brighten dark areas with cabinet lighting. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Use battery-powered LED lighting that you can velcro or use adhesive to stick in place.

Match Up Your Furniture

If you want to make a room more uniform, simply paint or reupholster your furniture to fit the theme you desire. 

This affordable home project will make older furniture look new again. And it’s aesthetically pleasing to have your furniture cohesive and on theme. 

Mailbox Remodel


Whether you get a new one or paint an old one, changing up your mailbox can be an easy way to improve the look of your home and show off your style. 

Stove Backsplash

Counter backsplash is nice, but stainless steel stove backsplash is oh-so-easy to clean and can look so nice.

Best part is that it’s super affordable, very easy to nail in place, and does so much to help keep your kitchen clean.


PC: Bogdan Kurylo Via Getty Images

Plants–greenery, flowers, etc. Is one of the very best ways to improve your home easily and affordably. 

Trees are more pricey but have amazing ROI (Return On Investment). Definitely worth looking into. But simple flowers, shrubs, and other greenery (both indoor and outdoor) does wonders for your space.

Plants bring a sense of life, beauty, and peace. And they really don’t cost that much. 

If you don’t have a green thumb, consider hard-to-beat plants like cacti or succulents. There are many synthetic plants that have a real-feel and look to them too. Just make sure you dust them regularly. 


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