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Updated August 19, 2019  

You may doubt it, Mary Beth is only a year old, but like a newborn she is full of life, with hundreds of thousands of website visitors each month. Learn all about Mary’s history, vision of the future and mission to get there. Learn all about America’s First Lady of Home Improvement.

About Mary Beth

America has been lacking a valid source for modern home improvement projects and direction. The plan is to build a rich heritage and create a handy-man(woman) knowledge to help America bring to life Mary Beth through all of us — by sharing our creation of home improvements, do it yourself projects and modern lifestyle living — straight from our home to yours.

Our Mission

2019 ushers in a new era with Mary Beth who will begin answering questions about home improvement through email and post, she’s going to be working to teach people the in’s and out’s of home improvement. From emails and comments to posts and pages to the establishment of MaryBeth.Life, her intent will stay true. Homeowners who desire to improve their homes are starting to rely on Mary Beth for her guidance, dependability and exceptional know-how. From home improvement foundations to new hacks made possible thanks to her reliable process, Mary Beth continues to improve homes across the world.

Mary Beth’s Credentials with Home Improvement

The “MaryBeth My Life” blog put Mary Beth in front of hundreds of thousands of people when it quickly became a top must follow blog. This blog, along with her other outreaches, has been beloved by generations and bridging the gap between millennials and baby-boomers. To date, 912 blog posts have been published — but blogs haven’t been the only way Mary Beth has proven her credenitials.

Launched in 2019, MaryBeth.Life persists in coming up with new projects and publishing those findings to homeowners who are looking to improve their home. Today, the site receives hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. Mary Beth also plans on reaching out in more than 1 way on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram — once live be sure to like and follow for all the latest home improvement projects we are working on. There’s even been talk about creating an in-depth series of how-to videos on YouTube!

Mary Beth has actually been an early adapter to new types of technology in order for her to reach everyone.

Mary Beth’s New Beginning

Mary’s story began through a competition ran by Home Professionals in the year 2019. Homeowners could win a $500.00 Home Depot gift card if they were selected out of everyone who had joined the newsletter. The email list received thousands of responses and a flood of questions about home improvement. The name Mary Beth was created to personalize responses to consumer inquiries.

Mary Beth was chosen simply as a friendly-sounding name. Women employees were invited to help create the voice, values, and character of Mary Beth.

Mary Beth Speaks Out

In 2019, after the success of Mary Beth’s blog it was decided a website was needed, the URL MaryBeth.Life was created and registered to help represent how Mary Beth’s life is going to be on home improvement projects. “MaryBeth.Life” is anticipated to be an immediate success with the upcoming years expanded into multiple industries. Each industry is going to have it’s own Mary Beth voice and expertise in that field to provide the best resources available to Mary Beth’s followers.

First Lady of Home Improvement

Very quickly through the press, advertisements, and organic hits it was estimated that five out of ten Americans had recognized Mary Beth’s voice, blog, and picture. The goal is to make Mary Beth known throughout the nation so she can receive the title of First Lady of Home Improvement.

Mary Beth’s mission is to become a household spoken name, when one hears her name it brings to mind her slogan: “It’s time to make my house feel like home.”

Mary Beth’s Personality

In order to keep up with the times and the rapid pace of media consumption Mary Beth has seen some rapid changes to her personality. At any given moment it is hard to say if Mary Beth is Conservative or Liberal, if she prefers vintage and rustic projects or modern and classic projects, if she would hire a professional to do the work, or if she would rather get her hands dirty and DIY the Sh*t out of it. Because of this drastic change in Mary Beth’s personality as it is changing rapidly we ask you not to take too much offense from what is on her mind and how she wants to say it.

Mary Beth’s Tools Used For Improvements Across America

It’s been said that Mary Beth is the embodiment of do it yourself women across America. Someone who serves and produces quality projects in every room. These projects Mary Beth creates are some of the key ways that Home Professionals produces accurate information for home improvement projects. In the beginning there was a budget of $300 given for tools that an average homeowner would have. The desire is to make every home improvement project possible for everyone in America, without needing to buy more tools. In some cases we’ve gotten away with borrowing tools from friends and family as well when the initial purchased tools aren’t enough.

The Mary Beth Hammer

Quite surprisingly, the first group of projects that were done from Mary Beth only required a hammer and nails. Mary Beth has stated “…the hammer is the most versatile tool, in the tool belt. Most people see the hammer as just something to hammer nails into wood. You can smash, break, bend, and smooth almost anything with a hammer. It has become my most trusted friend in all of my DIY projects.”

Mary Beth Logo

Mary Beth’s hammer has now become a symbol of quality workmanship that is known to help improve and transform any room in the house. If you are looking for a new look for your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or even living room Mary Beth can help.

Mary Beth’s Admiration

The admiration towards Mary Beth has propelled her in front of several industries and home improvement projects. She has worked on flooring, HVAC systems, roofs, and almost every other aspect of the home. Mary Beth has enjoyed the culture from each industry and what unique problems and successes come from each one.

Mary Beth Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Regardless of how she is viewed, as a symbol of home improvement, or even as a real person Mary Beth plans on sticking around to help those people who want to improve their home. To provide dependability and know-how on every home improvement project. She will continue to be readily available with the next project being started today and finished for tomorrow. Thankfully She is going to be around for the next 100+ years with the skilled team that is behind her knowledge and know-how.

The Mary Beth Experts

We love our team of contractors, editors, marketers and everyone else who make MaryBeth.Life possible. The generous amount of home improvement projects it is today. Meet some of the experts who work behind the scenes to bring the home improvements to life.

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